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Wacky Science: Perfect for STEM/STEAM Family Nights

You’re planning your next STEM family night program. You want to bring in a centerpiece activity for the kids. What do you do? STEAM and STEM events are great ways to stimulate young minds. But how do you tie everything together?

I’m Graham Rogers, a professional school assembly presenter based in Arizona. For the last 20+ years, I’ve traveled the world – yes, the world! – presenting programs of all kinds to eager children. My school assemblies for schools in Arizona are carefully structured to reinforce Arizona’s learning standards.

But what about family nights?

Family Night Fun for Schools

If you have never helped organize a family fun night, you’re in for a treat. Kids love them. And it’s a fun way to draw parents to the school and get them more involved. Typically these events are free for families and a great bonding experience.

While many family nights just focus on the fun and the binding, many schools now dial into a specific topic. Reading, Science, Math, and even Character Ed-based family nights are becoming more popular across the country.

STEM/STEAM Family Night Fun for Schools

Family nights based on STEM or science are gaining popularity. For some events, the parent and teacher volunteers will set up different stations throughout the gym or even hallways of the school. Kids come to the event, have refreshments, and visit the different stations.

Each station focuses on a single activity. There are parents, teachers, and sometimes even students at these stations. They help the visitors do the experiments. This is fun for the kids – it gets them involved with real hands-on learning.

All of this is fun for all. But every family night needs a main attraction, especially a STEM or STEAM event!

Why Wacky Science is Perfect for STEM/STEAM Family Nights

My “Wacky Science” school assembly is perfect for family nights on STEM. Yes, it’s highly educational. That’s why it’s so popular for daytime assemblies in schools. But because it’s so silly and fun, kids are engaged even during evening events when their attention spans may be lower.

Here are just a few reasons why:

Wacky Science is Visual & Fun

This is not a slow, monotone lecture. The show has plenty for kids to see and do. During the show, kids watch and participate in crazy activities and demonstrations.

  • The entire audience sees volunteers’ heads seem to shrink and grow through the power of optical illusions
  • Children become “Stinky Dinosaurs” to demonstrate chemical science.
  • Water, jar, and volunteer demonstrate concepts of air pressure
  • A swinging “Triangle of Death” demonstrates centrifugal/centripetal forces
  • And MUCH more

The entire show is accented by a large colorful Jimmy Neutron-style backdrop and banners. The audience is captivated as soon as they walk into the performing space and see the set.

Wacky Science Engages Large Audiences

Because there is so much fun stuff to see, “Wacky Science” holds the attention of large audiences. During most STEM family nights, the visitors spend much of their time visiting individual activity stations. That’s great fun.

The “Wacky Science” show is perfect for everyone both young and old to get off their feet and bond as an audience. This bonding also serves to educate children on how to be an audience in social situations.

Wacky Science is Easy for You

As awesome as they are, STEM family nights are a lot of work. You’ve got to coordinate dates to avoid anything else on the school calendar. You have to rind up volunteers. You have to organize the activities. Someone needs to buy the supplies for the activities. Then there are refreshments and at least another dozen details to consider.

Yes, it’s all absolutely worth it. But for your main event performance, you’ll rest easy when you don’t have to do anything. Once we agree to work together, I take care of everything. I bring my own PA system, cords, and all supplies for the experiments.

I don’t even need help bringing anything in. I have my own cart to make transporting my equipment easy. Literally, the only thing I need from you, or the school is access to the performing area about an hour before my show start time and an electrical outlet. That’s it! Like I said, easy.

Take the Next Step

Want to find out more? Visit my “Wacky Science” show page. You’ll find even more details about the show along with reviews from parents and school administrators who loved the show. I look forward to bringing “Wacky Science” to YOUR next STEM/STEAM family fun night!