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Finally…a Fun & Interactive Science School Assembly that Reinforces Arizona Science Standards 

This STEM School Assembly Utilizes Arizona’s Crosscutting Concepts Progression of Matrix Elements 

Are you looking for an effective Arizona science school assembly?  

Since you are reading this webpage, I assume you’ve been researching other science assembly programs. There are hundreds to choose from, with many fantastic performers offering fun-sounding STEM experiments and lessons. 

So why should you choose me? 

Simple: I have carefully designed my STEM school show, “Wacky Science,” to align with and reinforce Arizona’s existing science and STEM curriculum. 

What does this mean for your students? They will get an amazing fun, and educational program that does not contradict what your school district in Arizona is already teaching. 

If your school has ever hosted assemblies that don’t line up with your existing curriculum, you know what happens. Your students hear terminology or learn lessons different from the classroom. They get mixed messages, leaving them confused and your teachers frustrated. 

The Secret to Successful STEM School Assemblies 

I’m Graham Rogers, and I’ve performed educational and motivational school assembly programs in multiple states and countries for nearly 30 years. 

After visiting thousands of schools in my career, I understand how important ‘balance’ is for school assemblies. If the show focuses only on education, the students get bored. They start wiggling. And whispering to each other. You might even spot a few kids making the dreaded “snow angels” on the cafeteria floor! 

But if there’s too much emphasis on fun, teachers start rolling their eyes. They start grumbling to themselves over the time they’re wasting watching a ‘silly’ show. 

The experienced school assembly performer knows how to walk that line, entertaining the children but maintaining a high level of education. 

Key Lessons and Concepts in This Arizona School Assembly Program 

Your teachers will love “Wacky Science!” It’s packed with fun experiments and important science concepts. As promised, I’ve painstakingly crafted the lessons to reinforce the Arizona Science Standards. Here are just a few details:

The show covers the three dimensions of science of science instruction including: 

  • Dimension One: Science and engineering practices where kids get to do science. I also cover the Scientific Method. I teach students how asking questions defines the problem you’re trying to solve. 
  • Dimension Two: Cross-cutting concepts where I challenge kids to think about science in new ways.  
  • Dimension Three: Here I cover core ideas of using and knowing science. I’ll illustrate the 4 main kinds of science and demonstrate how science is all around us 

But that’s not all. Along the way, your kids will learn key concepts such as: 

  • Science safety 
  • Chemical reactions 
  • Science and technology 
  • Acid / base indicators 
  • Air pressure 
  • 3 states of matter 
  • Centrifugal & centripetal forces 
  • And MUCH more 

This might sound like a dry lecture, but it’s not. “Wacky Science” is an award-winning science assembly riot!  

Goofy STEM Experiments Get Up to 12 Students Onstage as Volunteers 

The “Wacky Science” school assembly show is more than just a science lecture or demonstration. It’s loaded with amazing interactive fun. Good educators know that the best way to help people of all ages retain information is to have a good time! “Wacky Science” is packed with ways to get your students on stage and involved!  

Here are just a few examples of the crazy experiments your students will do during the show: 

  • Stinky Dinosaurs – Four students are turned into ‘dinosaurs’ to illustrate key chemistry concepts, including acids and bases. 
  • The Incredible Shrinking Head – An optical illusion causes student’s to see a head to shrink! 
  • Mobius Strips – A baffling experiment with strips of paper shows that math can take surprising and unexpected forms 
  • Air Pressure – Using a balloon, a jar, and a volunteer, we explore the brilliance of the Scientific Method 
  • The Triangle of Terror – A simple wooden triangle, a dog’s leash, a cup of water, and an unsuspecting volunteer turns into the most exciting STEM school assembly segment your students have ever seen! 

There is plenty more during the program. Your kids will be riveted from start to finish. They won’t want to miss a thing! 

Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers performing a STEM school assembly with 3 kids

The Easiest School Assembly Performer Your School Will Ever Host 

“Wacky Science” an education and entertaining marvel of modern school assemblies. But just as amazing is the set-up. You can breathe a sigh of relief when I visit your school. Unlike a lot of other assembly presenters, I don’t walk in with a list of demands. I know how busy your school days are.  

Want to know what I need to bring this show to your school?  

I only need THREE things:

1. A place to perform

2. An electrical outlet

3. Kids

That’s it! I bring everything else I need. I provide my own state-of-the-art PA system and wireless microphone. I also bring my own tables, supplies, and colorful backdrop and banners. 

And I can perform “Wacky Science” anywhere. Do you hold your school’s assemblies in the gym? No problem. Are they held in the cafeteria? Perfect! Do you have a multi-purpose room or MPR? My favorite! 

My shows are so easy to host that I even bring my own cart!  

Your Arizona school’s faculty and students will be thrilled with my program, guaranteed. Oh, speaking of guarantees… 

You Are Fully Protected by My 100% Money-Back-Guarantee 

You may never have heard of me. And I know your school’s classroom time is valuable. Therefore, I’m so sure your teachers and students will be so thrilled with “Wacky Science” that if anyone is unhappy for any reason, I’ll tear up your check on the spot. 

But after over 30 years of performing in multiple countries globally, I know you’ll love my show. Many of my clients invite me back year after year.  

The students love the fun and crazy experiments. Faculty loves how educational “Wacky Science” is.  

And after moving to Arizona from New Zealand, I have thoroughly researched the state’s science standards and molded my STEM assembly to fit these standards. 

Here’s How to Bring This Award-Winning Science School Assembly to Your School 

Need more information? Please fill out the Contact Form on this page. You’ll receive detailed information about “Wacky Science” in mere moments. If you have questions or simply prefer the personal connection, please call me at (480) 319-7863. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. 

Since I perform 250-300 shows a year, my calendar often books up months in advance. Please contact me today while you’re thinking about it. 

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers performing a STEM school assembly with a volunteer

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I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

Kellie Duguid

Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District

Graham is great at communicating, great at interacting with the kids, and a great entertainer. His wacky science show was so fun, even the adults enjoyed it.

Dena Clonts

PTA President, Lafe Nelson Elementary

Awesome Assemblies brought a unique interactive experience that engaged our students as well as our families. Participants were able to actively participate in the show that proved to be the highlight of the evening. We have many pictures of smiling, laughing faces who were genuinely loving the show! We are looking forward to having Awesome Assemblies for future events.

Angie Smith

Federal Programs Coordinator, Laveen School District

Had a BLAST with the Wonder from Down Under at Pina Butte Elementary in Maricopa! Best last day of school treat ever! So much better than a movie.

Shelly Fisher

Teacher, Pima Butte Elmentary

Incredibly entertaining! The students were absolutely engaged and involved the entire time! He has an amazing gift of relating to the children and incorporating self esteem and positive attitude “lessons” as well!

Kristin Skiles

Teacher , Imagine Schools

Graham connected with these young people immediately, he charmed them and wow’d them. I heard one of the third graders exclaim with her hands in the air, “How is this possible??”

Amy Schaumburg

School Improvement Specialist, Mesa School District

Well worth the money on many levels. Communication was great upfront, show was amazing, and overall experience with Graham was extremely pleasant. He came out on short notice and did a magic show intertwined with a state testing motivational speech with tips. Very well-done sir. I will have him back again. Kids loved the show!

Matthew C. Blair

School Counselor/Dean of Students, Academia Del Pueblo: K-8 School