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This Read Across America School Assembly Reinforces Arizona’s Anchor Standards and Gets Your Students Excited About Reading…in Just 45 Minutes! 

My Read Across America school assembly “Superhero Reading” teaches your students valuable lessons about reading. Most of all, I’ll inspire your students to pick up a book and read just for fun. 

I’m passionate about reading. It’s a foundational skill everyone needs for every conceivable kind of career. Doctors, scientists, lawyers, police officers, farmers, and even sports athletes all need reading skills to do their jobs. 

You already know that. That’s why you’re reading this webpage. 

My school assembly on reading is designed to get kids to want to read. It’s not an easy task, but I’m an expert at it. 

But I know what you’re thinking: 

“So what? Every other school assembly performer says the same thing.” 

I’m different and I’ll explain how. 

Why My Reading School Assembly Program is Perfect for Your Arizona School 

Many school assembly performers read some books, learn some magic tricks, and put together a “reading motivational assembly show.” I’ll let you in on a secret: a reading assembly program is generally considered the easiest program we performers create. 

We talk about how great reading is, mention a few books, and get kids excited and chomping at the bit to flood your school’s library in hordes to grab books.  

This is effective and it works. 

But I want to go further. 

When I created my reading assembly for Arizona schools, I heavily researched Arizona’s English Language Arts Standards. 

My show, “Superhero Reading,” heavily follows the Arizona Anchor Standards of: 

  • Key Ideas and Details – reading carefully, finding the central idea, and more 
  • Craft and Structure – interpreting what they are reading 
  • Integration of Knowledge and Ideas – analyzing the logic, structure, and content in a written piece 

    This means your students are watching a fun and amazing reading assembly program…and it will perfectly tie into your existing curriculum. 

    The result? Your students won’t get any conflicting messages or hear terms different from what they hear in the classroom. Your students won’t get confused over mixed messages.  

      “Superhero Reading” will reinforce what you’re already teaching…and get kids excited about it at the same time! 

      Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers celebrates reading with a student

      The Key Educational & Motivational Messages in “Superhero Reading:” 

      As the name suggests, Superhero Reading” is themed around superheroes. And they’ve never been hotter! When your kids hear ‘superheroes,’ they’ll instantly be curious about the show, guaranteed. (More on my guarantee in a moment.) 

      In an effective Read Across America assembly program, there has to be a balance between education and fun. Too much education and kids start losing interest and making “snow angels” on the gym floor! Too little education and teachers begin to feel like the show is a waste of valuable classroom time. 

      My overall messages in this school show are: 

      • Reading is Fun 
      • Benefits of Reading 
      • Types of Reading 
      • Reading is Everywhere 
      • Reading can Make You a Superhero 

      Don’t forget, woven throughout these lessons are key concepts of your Anchor Standards. Your kids will hear lessons, terminology, and more designed to reinforce Arizona’s reading standards for literature and informational text. 

      But don’t worry. This is not a dry, lecture-style show. I’ve carefully structured “Superhero Reading” to be the best of both worlds. I don’t just talk to your students. Instead, this school show is loaded with different tools to hold your students’ attention. 

      7 Reasons Why Your Students Will Love My “Superhero Reading” School Assembly Show… 

      “Superhero Reading” is a fun-filled, magical adventure! I don’t rely on just one technique to keep your kids focused. Instead, my assembly program is more of a variety show. Check out the different ways I hold the attention of your students: 

      1. Magic – Yup, magic! By using eye-popping, amazing magic, your students won’t look away for a second. They won’t want to miss anything
      2. Join-In Fun – When kids just watch something passively, they retain a small amount of what they see. By getting kids involved in the action, they retain a lot more. And they have more fun!
      3. Onstage Volunteers – I get a LOT of volunteers on stage to help me throughout the show. Your students will be riveted watching their classmates help me during the assembly.
      4. Colorful Backdrop & Banners –The “Superhero Reading” set design focuses your students’ attention immediately! You’ll hear your students gasp in awe as soon as they enter the assembly area.
      5. Kid-Friendly Humor – You’ll hear your kids laugh and giggle throughout the show. Not only is laughter fun, but it makes learning even easier! 
      6. Music & Sound Effects – The best kind of theater involves as many senses as possible. Yes, the kids will hear me. But I also use music and goofy sound effects to highlight certain routines
      7. A Fast Pace – What worked decades ago doesn’t work today. Because of social media and our ever-present smartphones, everyone’s attention spans are lower. I keep the show moving at a fast pace perfect for today’s audiences. 

      As you can see, your students will witness and participate in a 45-minute whirlwind school assembly that’s equal parts entertainment and education. But if you’re still not convinced, I did mention a guarantee earlier… 

      My “No Questions Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee 

      I know how important classroom time is. I want to reassure you I won’t waste your teachers’ and students’ time. I’m so sure my Read Across America school assembly will benefit your students that I guarantee it. 

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      Here’s How to Get More “Superhero Reading” School Assembly Information… 

      Want more information for your committee? Simply fill out the Contact Form on this page. I’ll instantly deliver “Superhero Reading” information right to your inbox. Just for responding, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of my special report, Five simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents and Faculty in Schools

      If you prefer the personal touch, you can also call me at (480) 319-7863. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. But don’t delay – I perform between 250-300 shows each year. Contact me now, while you’re thinking about it. 

      I look forward to visiting your school! 

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      I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

      Kellie Duguid

      Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District

      Our​ ​students​ ​were​ ​highly​ ​engaged​ ​and​ ​very​ ​entertained!.

      Graham​ ​Rogers​ ​was​ ​interactive​ ​with​ ​the​ ​students​ ​while​ ​providing​ ​a​ ​positive experience​ ​through​ ​his​ ​magic​ ​show.Mr.​ ​Rogers​ ​is​ ​effective​ ​when​ ​using​ ​his​ ​magic​ ​as a​ ​motivator​ ​for​ ​students.

      Dale Lunt

      Principal, Oak Tree Elementary

      Had a BLAST with the Wonder from Down Under at Pina Butte Elementary in Maricopa! Best last day of school treat ever! So much better than a movie.

      Shelly Fisher

      Teacher, Pima Butte Elmentary

      Incredibly entertaining! The students were absolutely engaged and involved the entire time! He has an amazing gift of relating to the children and incorporating self esteem and positive attitude “lessons” as well!

      Kristin Skiles

      Teacher , Imagine Schools

      We loved having Graham visit our school with his SuperHero Reading Show to help us kickoff our Read-a-thon! His show was fun and engaging for all the students Preschool – Sixth Grade. His pricing is also great compared to other options in the valley. We look forward to inviting him back in the future!

      Kjersten Dewey

      PTSA President , Las Brisas Elementary

      This assembly was so much fun. Our students were engaged and entertained through the whole thing and continued to talk all day about it. For us, it was a great tie-in event to kick off our Read-A-Thon to help our students be excited about reading, and it worked!

      Janean Jump

      Teacher, Saddleback Elementary