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Are you having trouble finding quality Phoenix school assemblies?

Too many school assembly magicians create a program without doing enough research on the topic.

The performer might Google a few positive character messages for a respect school assembly. Or they may try using magic tricks to illustrate experiments for a science assembly. They might dig up a few classic children’s books for a Read Across America assembly.

That won’t work. Classroom time is too valuable to waste on an assembly with weak or non-existent messages. You need school assemblies that perfectly reinforce Arizona’s curriculum.

I’m Phoenix school assembly performer Graham Rogers. I’m an expert on presenting assembly programs that complement Arizona’s Reading Anchor Standards, Social-Emotional Learning Competencies, and Science Standards. 

And I’ve got the experience to back it up.

Phoenix School Assemblies Backed by 20+ Years of Experience

Over 22 years ago, I moved to the United States from New Zealand. I have performed shows for corporate groups, private events, and most importantly, in thousands of schools.

But don’t take my word for it. Read what a past client said: 

“On behalf of the Avondale Elementary School District, I wanted to reach out to you and share how thrilled we were with your science magic show during our summer programming. I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

  • Kellie Duguid, Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District, Avondale, AZ


While I have performed in touring illusion shows across the globe, I decided to focus on educational school assembly programs in the United States. I chose to focus on schools because I love delivering impactful life-changing messages and lessons to K-5 audiences.

And because I’m an outsider, I’m the best school assembly idea for your Phoenix school. 


Children watching Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers

Educational & Fun School Assembly Programs that Reinforce Arizona Standards

When I moved to the United States, I had to work hard to fit in. So, I researched a lot. And my research helped me create assembly programs that perfectly complement Arizona’s curriculum standards.

This is important. With my school shows, your students will hear, see, and participate in the messages that are also being taught in the classroom. And your kids will love my shows.

They’ll want to explore STEM and science further. They’ll check out books from your school library in droves. They’ll discover ways to treat each with kindness and take responsibility for their actions.

But how do I do it?

Here’s How My Phoenix School Assemblies Will Hold the Attention of Your Students 

Students and faculty love my school shows. Every program I offer is fast-paced. And I involve the audience and bring several students onstage to help throughout the program.

Here are five ways I keep your students engaged:

  • Eye-Catching Backdrops & Banners – Every assembly features professionally produced sets. Large, colorful backdrops and banners both captivate and educate the kids with the show’s core messages or lessons on the sets.
  • Amazing Magic & Goofy Experiments – Most of my shows are filled with incredible kid-friendly magic. Your students’ jaws will drop when they see what happens. My STEM assemblies feature hilarious science experiments they’ll remember for weeks after the show. 
  • Hilarious Kid-Friendly Comedy – It’s a proven scientific fact that people of all ages retain more information when they laugh and have a good time. Your students will laugh so much that they won’t realize they’re learning. And your faculty will be amazed at how the messages and lessons are woven throughout the show. 
  • Join-In Fun – Did I mention how interactive my programs are? Your students participate from the audience. And up to a dozen students join me onstage for fun and crazy antics!
  • Sound Effects & Music – To create a true theatrical experience, I also add music and goofy sound effects to every show. It’s one more tool to add to the unpredictable fun in every assembly show.


But I know you may want more proof. Here’s what another past client said after seeing one of my school assemblies:

“We had the best “last day of school” ever! This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to see him perform. Incredibly entertaining! The students were absolutely engaged and involved the entire time! He has an amazing gift of relating to the children and incorporating self-esteem and positive attitude “lessons” as well! The adults in the room were thoroughly entertained as well! I loved watching the faces of the children throughout the performance! In a world where SO MUCH of our daily life is consumed with technology and fewer opportunities to truly be creative and explore, Graham Rogers was a breath of fresh air!” 

  • Kristin Skiles, Teacher, Imagine East School


You’ll Love How Easy My Phoenix School Assemblies Are

I understand how busy you are. Whether you’re a school principal, media specialist, counselor, PTO/PTA member, or someone else, you’ve got a lot going on. You don’t need the hassle of a school assembly presenter who expects the ‘star treatment.’ 

When you choose my services for your assembly program needs, I’ll be the easiest presenter you ever book.

  • I Bring My Own Sound System – By providing my own state-of-the-art PA system, you don’t need to involve the A/V department. The only thing I need sound wise is an electrical outlet to plug my system in. That’s it! 
  • I Can Perform Anywhere – Many schools have a variety of assembly locations. And I can set my programs up anywhere. You name it – cafeteria, auditorium, gym, MPR – I can deliver an amazing program anywhere you need it!
  • I’m Self-Contained – I bring everything I need, including tables, carts, and more. I can bring my own equipment in and don’t need any help from busy school staff.
  • I Work with Purchase Orders – Does your school district pay with purchase orders? I know many do, and I’m familiar with the process.
  • I Guarantee My Assemblies – Yes, it’s true! I 100% guarantee my school assembly programs for Phoenix schools. If you feel I failed to live up to my promises in any way, don’t pay me. But no one has ever taken me up on my guarantee. And you won’t either.

The next step is yours.

I’ve explained how engaging and fun my programs are. I’ve stressed how my assembly shows reinforce and complement Arizona’s educational standards. And I’ve explained my powerful guarantee.

Let’s Get Started!

Ready for the next step? If you want more information, simply fill out the contact form on this page. I’ll get detailed school assembly information into your inbox in just a few moments. And as a FREE gift for responding, I’ll also send you a copy of my special report, “5 Simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents, and Faculty.”

If you prefer the personal touch, call me at (480) 319-7863. I’d love to talk to you about your school assembly needs.

But I urge you to act now. I often book shows months in advance, and many prime dates (like Read Across America) fill up very quickly. Contact me right away to avoid losing your preferred date. 

Graham connected with these young people immediately, he charmed them and wow’d them. I heard one of the third graders exclaim with her hands in the air, “How is this possible??”

Amy Schaumburg

School Improvement Specialist, Mesa School District

I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

Kellie Duguid

Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District

Our​ ​students​ ​were​ ​highly​ ​engaged​ ​and​ ​very​ ​entertained!.

Graham​ ​Rogers​ ​was​ ​interactive​ ​with​ ​the​ ​students​ ​while​ ​providing​ ​a​ ​positive experience​ ​through​ ​his​ ​magic​ ​show.Mr.​ ​Rogers​ ​is​ ​effective​ ​when​ ​using​ ​his​ ​magic​ ​as a​ ​motivator​ ​for​ ​students.

Dale Lunt

Principal, Oak Tree Elementary

Had a BLAST with the Wonder from Down Under at Pina Butte Elementary in Maricopa! Best last day of school treat ever! So much better than a movie.

Shelly Fisher

Teacher, Pima Butte Elmentary

Incredibly entertaining! The students were absolutely engaged and involved the entire time! He has an amazing gift of relating to the children and incorporating self esteem and positive attitude “lessons” as well!

Kristin Skiles

Teacher , Imagine Schools

We loved having Graham visit our school with his SuperHero Reading Show to help us kickoff our Read-a-thon! His show was fun and engaging for all the students Preschool – Sixth Grade. His pricing is also great compared to other options in the valley. We look forward to inviting him back in the future!

Kjersten Dewey

PTSA President , Las Brisas Elementary

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