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“Bring My Magical & Hilarious Summer Reading Program Magic Show to Your Library & Watch Your Attendance, Circulation, and New Library Card Signups Soar!”

Are you looking for a quality Summer Reading Program show for this year? Many clowns, magicians, jugglers, and storytellers offer shows to libraries. And they do a good job of engaging the kids. But there’s one area where too many library show performers falter.

They don’t tie their performances into that year’s Summer Reading Program theme. They’ll make the kids laugh. They’ll get the audience involved. If you’re lucky, they may even mention the library or mention books a few times. 

But that’s it. The show winds up being a waste of your time and money.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Arizona library performer Graham Rogers. For the last 20+ years, I have delivered amazing themed programs to schools and libraries in the United States and New Zealand. My clients love my programs because I deliver programs libraries need.

What Arizona Libraries Need from Incoming Summer Reading Program Performers

As you know, libraries don’t just host programs without a reason. Libraries need incoming programs to accomplish several tasks. Some of them are:

Fill the Room – This is the most obvious goal. And it’s usually the only thing many library performers focus on. You want more patrons in the library. That increases your numbers and affects your library’s government funds. But it doesn’t stop there.

Highlight the Summer Reading Program Theme – Each year, I create a fun-filled magic show based on that year’s theme. In a moment, I’ll highlight what I’m doing for this year. But first,

More Library Cards – A good program draws people into the library that wouldn’t normally come. It’s a great opportunity to “sell” these new visitors on signing up for a free library card. The more library cards, the more books get signed out, which leads to…

Increased Circulation – When more books get checked out, that’s good for a library’s numbers. It affects funding.

Increased Involvement – A good Summer Reading Program performer can serve as an introduction to the great folks at your library. Some people are reluctant to ask for help. Maybe they can’t find a certain book or even a certain section. A good show can serve to briefly introduce or mention the name of the good folks available to help patrons.

How I’ll Help Your Library Achieve All 5 During Summer Reading Program

As a library performer in Arizona, I see my job as helping you achieve your goals. When I design a brand-new library show for SRP each year, I focus on all five of these goals. Every show is designed to get more kids (and their grownups) into the library. 

During the show, I gently ‘nudge’ any new guests to get a library card, and I mention the children’s librarian by name. Don’t worry, if they are shy, I won’t drag them in front of the audience! And each program highlights that year’s theme. But I go even further.

During the show, I highlight the plots and characters from fun children’s books that fit the year’s theme. I mention details from the book, encourage kids to check out the book, and even weave my magic tricks around the books.

The 2024 Summer Reading Program Magic Show

This year’s theme of “Adventure Begins at Your Libray” is highlighted throughout my magic show. I get kids involved during the show by having several ‘onstage’ helpers. I even get the entire audience involved in fun ways. And the entire show is filled with fun, kid-friendly magic. Here are some highlights:

  • The Great Book Race is a fun, interactive trick that reminds kids how to take good care of books while racing across several subject areas on a magical bookshelf.
  • Princess in a Pickle tells the story of a fun fairy tale involving 4 audience members and magical ending.
  • Be amazed watching a pirate adventure book come to life!

Sounds pretty awesome, right? 

And I’ll be the easiest library performer you ever hire. I bring my own tables, don’t need any help carrying anything in, and even provide my own PA system and microphone for large audiences. Best of all, I even guarantee my shows.

Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers brings smiles and amazement to students

100% Money-Back Guarantee for Your Peace of Mind

I’ve heard horror stories from librarians about certain library performers. The ones who do a poor show. Or the ones who never bother to show up. Because I have to fight against the perception of other performers, I am not afraid to guarantee my shows.

And my guarantee is simple, too. Don’t like the show? Don’t pay. It’s as easy and simple as that.

And after performing thousands of shows in multiple countries, I’m proud to say I’ve never had a client take me up on my guarantee. Neither will you. You’ll be thrilled with my show, just like everyone else.

But I must warn you…as an entertainer with 20+ years of professional experience, my schedule fills up fast. I urge you to contact me today while you’re thinking about it. The Summer Reading Program “season” isn’t very long, and as one guy, I can only work with a limited number of libraries each summer.

Contact me right away by calling (480) 319-7863. Or you can fill out the Contact Form on this page for more information.

I look forward to visiting your library!


Graham connected with these young people immediately, he charmed them and wow’d them. I heard one of the third graders exclaim with her hands in the air, “How is this possible??”

Amy Schaumburg

School Improvement Specialist, Mesa School District

I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

Kellie Duguid

Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District

Had a BLAST with the Wonder from Down Under at Pina Butte Elementary in Maricopa! Best last day of school treat ever! So much better than a movie.

Shelly Fisher

Teacher, Pima Butte Elmentary

We loved having Graham visit our school with his SuperHero Reading Show to help us kickoff our Read-a-thon! His show was fun and engaging for all the students Preschool – Sixth Grade. His pricing is also great compared to other options in the valley. We look forward to inviting him back in the future!

Kjersten Dewey

PTSA President , Las Brisas Elementary

This assembly was so much fun. Our students were engaged and entertained through the whole thing and continued to talk all day about it. For us, it was a great tie-in event to kick off our Read-A-Thon to help our students be excited about reading, and it worked!

Janean Jump

Teacher, Saddleback Elementary

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