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Frequently Asked Questions About Arizona School Assembly Performer Graham Rogers

The internet is a vast sea, and you have endless choices for an assembly presenter for your school. I created this FAQ page to answer your most pressing questions. I want everyone I work with to feel informed and comfortable with their choice.

If there are questions, you’d like answers to that do not appear on this page, please let me know. I’ll be sure to add them as soon as possible. Chances are if you have a question, others have the same question.


School Assembly Program FAQ #1:

Q: “Are your school assemblies different from each other?”

A: “Big YES! I’ve heard of some presenters who do the same show for each topic they offer. They may change the message or lessons, but the show itself is the same. For magicians, that means the same tricks.

“There is a problem with that. If you hire that presenter a second time, the kids won’t enjoy the show. You’ll hear the kids say things like, “I know what’s going to happen!” Or “I’ve seen that before!” Kids have better memories than some people give them credit for.

“Each of my programs is different from each other. As a magician, I use a series of magic effects to illustrate my key messages and lessons. For my assemblies on reading and character, that means I have different tricks for each show.

“My Wacky Science assembly on STEM is different. It doesn’t use any magic at all.

“What all of this means to you is one thing: Each time you invite me to your school for a different topic, your students will get a different experience. My backdrops and stage embellishments will be different. The lessons and messages will be different.

“The only thing that will be the same from show to show is me!”


School Assembly Program FAQ #2:

Q: “Are you insured?”

A: “Yes! I have a very strong liability policy. I can send you a copy for your records before I visit your school. I take my business very seriously and want all my clients to know they are fully protected.

“Beware any assembly presenter who is uninsured. It does not necessarily mean they are going to do anything dangerous. But it does show a lack of professionalism and an understanding of what schools need.”


School Assembly Program FAQ #3:

Q: “How long are your assemblies?”

A: “Each of my assemblies is about 45 minutes long. I’ve found that is the maximum length for an elementary assembly before kids start getting restless.

“Some schools also ask me if I can perform shorter shows to accommodate their schedule on special days. And I can. Just let me know what you need.”


School Assembly Program FAQ #4:

Q: “Will you send a contract or invoice?”

A: “Yes! Each time I book an assembly program with a school, I send out paperwork for my clients to approve and sign. It’s a simple way to ensure we are all on the same page for dates, times, and so on.

“Beware of any school assembly presenter who does not send any paperwork to you. I’ve heard horror stories about ‘flakey’ performers who never bother to send paperwork or any confirmation of any kind. These clients are then left wondering if the performer will bother showing up at all.

“Sadly, some of these folks never do show up.”

School Assembly Program FAQ #5:

Q: “What do you need from us?”

A: “Not much! My goal is to be the easiest Arizona school assembly presenter you ever worked with. Many assembly presenters hand their clients what I call the ‘list of demands,’ ranging from access to the school’s PA system to a certain brand of bottled water. Yes, I’m serious! (Wish I wasn’t.)

“To bring my assembly to your school, I only need a few things: off-street parking, access to the assembly area about an hour before the show, and access to an electrical outlet.

“I need off-street parking because I bring a LOT of equipment with me. I want to give your kiddos an amazing visual immersive experience. Having off-street parking helps me get my equipment into your school safely and faster.

“Each of my assemblies set up in about 35-45 minutes. Having access to the performing area an hour ahead of time means I can have everything set up and ready to go before the kids start coming in.

“And the electrical outlet is for my own state-of-the-art PA system and microphone. Many assembly presenters like to use the school’s system. Not me. Using the school’s system is a ‘big ask.’ Besides, I prefer using my own sound equipment that I’m familiar with.”

School Assembly Program FAQ #6:

Q: “Do you need any help bringing your equipment into the school?”

A: “No, I don’t need any help bringing in my stuff. I even have my own cart, making bringing everything in simple and fast.”

School Assembly Program FAQ #7:

Q: “Why should our school consider your programs over the other Arizona school assembly options?”

A: “This one is easy. I have two reasons you should bring my programs to your school.

“First, my school programs have been carefully crafted to align perfectly with Arizona’s educational standards. This is incredibly important to prevent confusion among your students. Let me explain.

“Your kids spend each day learning key concepts, messages, and lessons about the curriculum taught in school. This includes terminology, too.

“But if an assembly presenter shows up and starts tossing around words or concepts your students have not heard before, they may wonder which set of messages they should follow: the stuff they work on every day or the stuff they heard from that exciting and amazing assembly who came one time?

“By researching Arizona’s standards carefully, I avoid any confusion with my assemblies.

“Second, I have a proven track record of success. I’ve performed all over the globe (yes, really!) and have the client comments to back up my claims. And this is important – I have a wealth of positive feedback directly from schools all over my website.

“Beware of any entertainer who tries to mask their lack of experience in schools by listing comments from companies or family events they’ve performed for.”

School Assembly Program FAQ #8:

Q: “How much space do you require?”

A: “I’ll need a space about 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. I bring bright colorful backdrops, tables, banners, and my sound system. Bringing this much equipment helps to focus the students on the assembly and away from any distractions behind the performing area.”

School Assembly Program FAQ #9:

Q: “Where can you present your programs?”

A: “I can present my assemblies anywhere! This includes your gymnasium, cafeteria, MPR (Multi-Purpose Room), or auditorium.

“Because I need both setup time and time to break everything down after the last show, it’s best to notify the gym coach, music teacher, or whoever’s space I’ll be ‘invading.’”

School Assembly Program FAQ #10:

Q: “Why do you guarantee your assemblies?”

A: “I do it to show my confidence in my shows. With so many inferior performers flooding the market, guaranteeing my programs helps me stand out.

“This is important. Many performers refuse to guarantee their shows. They worry they may be taken advantage of by their clients. That’s silly. After the thousands of shows I’ve performed, I’ve never had any client ever take me up on my guarantee.

“The other performers worry about guaranteeing their shows for one simple reason. They know deep down their shows are not as good as they should be. If they truly believed their shows were great, they wouldn’t hesitate to guarantee it.

“I’ve been doing this long enough to know I don’t have to worry about my guarantee. My past clients love my shows.

“So will you!”

School Assembly Program FAQ #11:

Q: “Do you offer multi-school discounts?”

A: “Yes! If multiple schools in a district book one of my programs, I can offer a discount to each school. Contact me for more details.”

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