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6 Easy & Simple Ways to Save Money on School Assembly Programs

Educational school assembly programs in Arizona are a wonderful way to reinforce your curriculum. However, some schools may find it difficult to fund these assembly opportunities. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on incoming programs. You just have to know where to look or who to ask.

I’m Arizona-based school assembly presenter Graham Rogers. Each month I travel across the state of Arizona presenting fun and amazing school assembly programs on STEM/science, character, reading, and more. I know how many school districts are being forced to do more with less. This article will detail six ways you can save money on your next school assembly program

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #1: Block Booking

Many assembly presenters travel great distances to get to their gigs. To save money on travel expenses, I don’t know of a single performer who wouldn’t love to book more schools in a given geographic area. When discussing fees with your prospective presenter, ask if they offer block booking discounts.

When they confirm they do, you can often save BIG by simply contacting the other schools in your district. Coordinate a specific date or dates for the presenter to visit multiple schools in your district. The schools save money, the presenter gets to visit other schools, and everyone wins.

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #2: Civic Groups

Many civic organizations often sponsor an incoming assembly presenter. I know of a Kiwanis Club that funds anti-drug programs each year for elementary schools. For that club, drug awareness is one of their passion projects.

Reach out to your local civic groups. Find out if they would be interested in sponsoring your incoming assembly, either completely or in part. You’ll be helping the group do something to help a cause they care about.

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #3: Business Sponsorship

This is closely related to the previous suggestion. Many local businesses have funds set aside for various sponsorships. These sponsorships are a way for businesses to give back to their communities. The business gets visibility for supporting a worthy cause. And you can help the company officials feel good about their contribution.

At your assembly, be sure to thank the sponsor when introducing the presenter.  Before the show begins, ask your presenter if they would mind thanking the sponsor during the show, too. You can (and should) also take pictures at the event. Send them to your sponsor afterward, so they can see what their generosity did.

Be sure to contact your local newspaper, too. Often, smaller papers will send a report out to the event. They may be able to get a couple of quotes from your presenter, take pictures, and more. All of this will go a long way with your sponsor. They’ll see their name in the story and appreciate the recognition.

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #4: Your School’s PTA/PTO

Many schools fund their incoming assemblies through their PTA or PTO. For some schools, this is common knowledge. But many school districts don’t think of approaching their PTA/PTO until someone else suggests it!

Your PTA/PTO is probably accustomed to fundraising. They may be able to put together a special fundraiser for your school assembly programs.

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #5: Title I or Title IV

Schools are classified as Title I if a certain percentage of their students qualify for free or reduced lunches. You may be able to use a portion of your available Title I funds for incoming assembly programs. Check with your district to find out what, if any, Title I funds are available.

Title IV is a designation for programs that address drug awareness and violence. You can check to see if your school qualifies for these funds. While you may be able to use these funds for an incoming assembly, the topic of the assembly must address one or both of those areas.

School Assembly Programs Savings Tip #6: Presenter Discounts

Ask your presenter if they offer any discounts. They may discount second shows if needed. When many schools book assemblies, they often split the grades, with K-2 and 3-5 each seeing their own show. Ask your presenter if they discount that second performance.

Some presenters offer discounts for travel if you book your performance around their existing date. If you see your performer will be traveling to a town a few miles from you on one date, you might get a lower fee if you book the day before or after.

Be sure to ask if the performer has any gaps in their schedule in your area. If they are booked in a given geographic area, they may wind up with an open morning or afternoon. Ask them if they’ll offer a discount if your school takes that open slot.Fun School Fun

School Assemblies for Your Arizona School

If you explore these savings tips, you’ll likely find one or more ways to save money on or even fully fund your next school assembly. I’d love to visit your school with one of my amazing programs. Each show is filled with magic, join-in fun, kid-friendly humor, and much more. Contact me today for more details.