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Discover 5 Hidden Reasons Why Reading is So Important for Children

Do you know the importance of reading at an early age? Most parents, teachers, and school administrators know the main reasons why reading is so important for children, including academic success, self-confidence, and more. But what about the other reasons why reading matters? I’m Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers. In this article, I’ll reveal some of the lesser-known reasons why reading matters so much for young kids.

#1 Reason Why Reading is Important: Reading Has Psychological Benefits

Experts already know that reading sparks the imagination. But did you know that reading can help develop other valuable skills like empathy and morality? Reading often stimulates kids to role-play, leading to these important developments. 

Additionally, reading also helps children develop maturity. And reading regularly helps kids develop discipline. And another psychological benefit to reading? It helps ease the pressure of being in school. Dealing with interpersonal relationships, academic success, and countless other potential issues in school is challenging enough. Reading can provide a valuable release for kids!

#2 Reason Why Reading is Important: Good Readers Become Better Communicators

If you’re a parent or educator reading this, you already understand how much reading helps kids expand their vocabulary. But reading goes beyond just the words on a page. Reading helps kids communicate more effectively! 

When a child encounters the written word at a younger age, it helps them develop better communication skills. The more a child reads, the more they have opportunities to hone their communication skills. Repetition helps most skills develop at a faster rate, and reading is a prime example.

#3 Reason Why Reading is Important:  Reading is Entertaining

It’s often said that the book is better than the movie. Look at many movies or TV shows adapted from books. Often, avid fans of a particular written work are unhappy with how the film adaptation turned out. Why? No matter how skilled the filmmakers’ abilities are, the film can never match what happens in our imaginations.

Reading sparks the imagination more than nearly kind of entertainment. While many people in the 21st century are addicted to social media and their mobile devices, none of these technological advances are as entertaining as a good old-fashioned book. And while passive viewing and toxic interaction on social media are psychologically damaging, reading a good book strengthens your brain.

#4 Reason Why Reading is Important: Reading Exercises Our Brains

Doctors keep telling us how important exercise is. Without it, they warn, our muscles atrophy. We become weaker and less physically fit. Phys-ed and gym classes in school are designed to get kids moving. All of this muscle workout is good for us.

But reading is exercise, too! Many people forget that our brain is a muscle! And like the other muscles in our bodies, we need to use it. Reading provides a wonderful opportunity to exercise the ol’ gray matter in a way that helps us become smarter, healthier, and well-rounded.

#5 Reason Why Reading is Important: Reading Calms the Mind

Everyone knows how stressful the world is. Political divides have become intensified in recent years. Social media continues to pollute our minds, increase bullying, and spread false information. All of this ramps up our stress levels. We adults understand how stressful all of this is. But what about kids?

Children of all ages feel stress, too. Some grownups forget just how stressful it is to be a kid. While children don’t necessarily have to worry about paying bills, tax deductions, or preparing meals, they have to worry about cliques, passing tests, their changing bodies, and an endless parade of other concerns.

Reading can ease these feelings. Reading can serve as a healthy way to take a break from the chaos of modern 21st-century life. And unlike video games or social media, reading only helps us. Staring at nothing more than black text on a white page eases the stress on our eyes, too. This physical relief spreads to our minds. Instead of the constant pulsating of flashing colors and advertising on mobile devices or social media, there is just something serene about escaping to the written word. 

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