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5 Fun Things to Do in Arizona This Summer (2024

What are your summer plans with your children? With school out, you’ll need ways to occupy your kids. The key is keeping them busy in ways that don’t turn their brains into mush! Letting your children waste away the summer is a sure-fire recipe for the ‘summer slide,’ or a backslide in retaining information learned in school. Fortunately, Arizona has plenty of fun things to do!

I’m Arizona-based school assembly presenter Graham Rogers. For years, my amazing school assemblies featuring science/STEM, Social-Emotional Learning, reading, and more have thrilled both students and faculty throughout Arizona. Each month, I write articles like this to help busy parents and school administrators.

In this article, I’ll reveal five fun things you can do with your family in Arizona this summer. Each is fun, interactive, and even helps exercise those brain cells! Let’s get to the summer fun…

Arizona Summer Family Fun Idea #1: The Arizona Science Center

This large science center is packed with fun! It features a whopping five-story IMAX screen for educational films. But that’s not all. Throughout the museum, in addition to exhibits, guests can watch fascinating live demonstrations. And don’t forget the Dorrance Planetarium, which hosts its own shows.

But don’t worry. The Arizona Science Center is highly interactive. It features more than 300 exhibits, giving kids plenty of opportunity for hands-on fun. And even if you’ve been to this museum before, be sure to return. Many exhibits change every few months, making this museum worth repeated visits.

Arizona Summer Family Fun Idea #2: The Phoenix Zoo

What child doesn’t love live animals? Opening in 1962, the Phoenix Zoo quickly captured the attention of families and animal lovers. Visiting this zoo gives your kids an amazing opportunity to see and appreciate some of nature’s most majestic animals up close.

Seeing these beautiful animals is educational, too. Each animal exhibit features fun and interesting facts, from lifespans to natural environments to unusual behaviors. Your kids won’t even realize they are learning!

Don’t forget the family nature walks, too. Walking in a quiet environment with your family away from the constant noise of cell phones, honking cars, loud music, and other technological ‘noise’ is a great way to relax and reconnect with each other.

Arizona Summer Family Fun Idea #3: Grand Canyon Railway

Want to be transported to one of the United States’ most impressive outdoor locations? The Grand Canyon Railway, completed in 1901, is a 64-mile journey that takes visitors to see the majestic Grand Canyon daily.

A fun, leisurely train ride to the canyon is a relaxing way to spend the day. The scenery is beautiful to look at. And you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect parking place once you reach the canyon! And once your day is complete, relax in the beautiful Grand Canyon Railway Hotel.

Arizona Summer Family Fun Idea #4: Desert Botanical Garden

Designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride, the Desert Botanical Garden features a wide variety of beautiful plants. And the Garden’s numbers are astonishing, with over 50,000 plants housed.

But your family will get far more than just your fill of native Arizona plants. Only a third of the plants at the Desert Botanical Garden naturally grow in Arizona. Plants from other areas make up the rest of the displays. And to protect plants not used to the harsher Arizona weather, shades are used.

With so many interesting and colorful plants to admire, your family will certainly get their steps in exploring this marvel of nature. And they’ll have the chance to learn about plants from outside Arizona too.

Arizona Summer Family Fun Idea #5: Musical Instrument Museum

Housed in Phoenix, this incredible museum is popular with visitors of all ages. It features musical instruments from every corner of the earth, giving representation to an astonishing variety of music and cultures.

But this is not just a watch-and-see experience. One of the Museum’s most popular attractions is the Experience Gallery. In this interactive exhibit, parents and kids get to play various instruments! Add to it concerts and other attractions and it’s easy to see why this unique museum is so popular!

When Summer is Over…

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