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5 Benefits the Best School Assemblies Bring to Your Students You May Not Have Thought Of

Do your students enjoy school assemblies? Chances are, if the performer is good at their job, your kids LOVE school assemblies. What’s not to love? Kids get out of class and get to experience something different and exciting during the school day. But are school assemblies worth it?

I’m Arizona school assembly presenter Graham Rogers. For the last 20 years, I’ve delivered fun and amazing school assembly programs to schools in the United States and even internationally. My goal with these articles is to provide parents and school administrators with valuable information to help make their day-to-day interactions with children easier.

The debate over school assembly programs has a lot of history behind it. Some people claim they are nothing more than a waste of time and resources. Others realize the massive benefits school assemblies provide. Assuming you get a high-quality performer, a daytime assembly program can help both your students and faculty.

But what constitutes a ‘high-quality performer?’ Here are a few key things to look for when considering an assembly program presenter:

  1. Educational Based Content

Yes, some schools bring in ‘just for fun’ programs for Field Days and other events. But the vast majority of the time, a school assembly program is brought to a school to reinforce key educational topics. Your assembly presenter must offer programs that are filled with key educational content, lessons, and messages. Otherwise, the program is a waste of valuable class time.

  1. Tied to Your School District’s Curriculum

Not only must a program be educational, but exceptional programs are tied directly to your district’s specific curriculum. The state of Arizona has a set of specific standards for education to follow. If your performer matches their programming to tie into the exact curriculum in your area (such as the state of Arizona), you’ve found the perfect presenter.

  1. Interactive and Fun

This is the paradox of the best school assembly programs. They need to be educational; but fun. Without an interactive and enjoyable component, your kids will fidget and soon ignore the performer completely.

Once you find the perfect performer, you may wonder if they’re still worth the time and effort of pulling students out of class. Assuming you have the right assembly, the benefits are enormous. Here are X benefits effective school assembly programs bring to your school…

School Assemblies Benefit #1: Stimulates Your Students

Doing the same routine each day helps children, especially the very young, acclimate to school. They learn structure and the importance of responsibility. But too much of the same thing can cause any person at any age to become bored.

People need stimulation. A daytime school assembly is the perfect way to add some spark to your school day. Your students are stimulated, vibrant, and engaged. And if the program reinforces your curriculum, even better! Speaking of…

School Assemblies Benefit #2: Reinforce Your Curriculum

An effective educational assembly can help reinforce key curriculum lessons and concepts. When people of any age are exposed to the same lessons or messages in a variety of ways, the information ‘sticks’ better.

The result? Key concepts are easier for your students to remember. And this ‘spark’ can even spur children to explore more of the topic, such as science/STEM or certainly reading on their own. This additional engagement in the subject matter certainly makes teaching easier for teachers and faculty.

School Assemblies Benefit #3: Practice Social Skills

If the pandemic and lockdowns taught us anything, it’s that we need socialization. Without enough interaction, people of all ages get depressed, withdrawn, etc. A school assembly program by its very nature requires large groups of people to get together in one space.

A good school assembly helps your students practice going to and from an event quietly and respectfully. It teaches them how to be an audience and behave as part of a large group. When you consider how many people go to weddings, family events, theater shows, sporting events, movies, and other large gatherings, it’s easy to see that practicing this kind of interaction is important.

School Assemblies Benefit #4: Help Students Seek Help

This is a powerful benefit many people don’t think of. Students struggle in school with any number of topics. And because of their home lives, some of these kids don’t get the help or support they need.

When a school assembly helps spur an interest in a given topic, the student may feel more comfortable seeking out help with that topic. If their interest is strong enough, they may feel more motivated to overcome their fear, shyness, or whatever to get extra help in that topic.

School Assemblies Benefit #5: Raise Awareness of Social Issues

Many of you reading this may be old enough to remember a time when topics like bullying, SEL, or character education were not addressed in school. If it was not curriculum-based, students were more or less left to fend for themselves.

But a good school assembly can help educate children on the right way and wrong way to treat others. That’s worth its weight in gold.

Ready to Bring an Amazing Experience to Your Students?

I’d love to bring one of my Awesome Assemblies to your school With topics such as science/STEM, reading, Social-Emotional Learning, and more, I guarantee your students and faculty will have an amazing time even as your kids learn valuable life lessons! Contact me today for more information.