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Important Message for Arizona PTA/PTO Members…

Dear PTA/PTO Member,

I’m going to say something that may shock you.

Or you might read what I say and nod your head in agreement.

School PTAs and PTOs often have a thankless job.

They have to do a ton of fundraising to bring special programs and treats to their students.

Fundraising takes a lot of work. And it takes a dedicated PTA or PTO to make great things happen. Many parents or teachers, the ones not a member of the parent/teacher group in your school, may feel like all these important events just spring into existence.

But you know better.

And that’s why when you are researching which school assembly programs to bring to your school, you want to be sure of one thing.

Is this program worth the investment?

Good assembly programs in Arizona must cover a lot of territory. 

They have to be fun for the kids.

They have to be interactive. (Kids do enough sitting and watching all day in school.)

And to justify spending your hard-earned PTA/PTO treasury funds on it, great school assemblies must adhere to the state of Arizona’s educational standards.

Programs that do that make it a LOT easier to justify spending the money.

Think about it. Your kiddos get a fun program and a much-needed break from the day-to-day efforts of learning in class. And they get an unexpectedly fun way to reinforce what they are already learning.

It’s perfect!

That’s where my programs come in. I’ve designed each of my school assembly programs to reinforce specific Arizona standards messages, lessons, and concepts. 

My “Wacky Science assembly focuses heavily on Arizona’s Crosscutting Concepts Progression of Matrix Elements.

My “Superhero Reading” assembly program reinforces Arizona’s Anchor Standards.

My “Take a Stand, Lend a Hand” program reinforces Arizona’s SEL competencies.

But with such an emphasis on curriculum-based learning, you might wonder if my programs are dry or boring.


I load each of my assemblies with hysterical fun designed not only to teach but to entertain. My programs are interactive, filled with kid-friendly humor, and guaranteed to hold the attention of even the ‘wiggliest’ of kids!

And I’m not afraid to guarantee my shows.

When you book one of my school assemblies for your Arizona school, you are protected by my 100% money-back guarantee. If for any reason you feel I did not live up to my claims, just tell me.

I’ll tear up your check on the spot.

You have ZERO risk that your PTA/PTO’s hard-earned funds are going to be wasted on an ineffective program.

Want more details? Contact me today and I’ll send you free, no-obligation information. And I’ll even include my special report for schools titled “9 Simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents, and Faculty.”

I look forward to visiting your school.

Graham Rogers