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Important Message for Arizona Elementary School Media Specialists…

Dear Media Specialist,

 Arizona media specialists have a tall order when looking for school assembly programs.

They know the show has to be fun and entertaining, or the kids tune them out.

They know the assembly program must be reading-centric.

And they know the school assembly they choose must fit in with Arizona’s educational Anchor Standards.

That last one is the toughest.

Far too many assembly presenters only do minimal work when preparing their reading school assembly. They pick a few kids’ books, put together a simple “Reading is great” message, and start pushing the show on unsuspecting elementary school media specialists.

There’s nothing wrong with the first two points. The show has to fully engage children of all ages. So it must be entertaining.

And who can argue with a show that features popular children’s books and weaves in an important pro-reading message?

But in Arizona, that’s not enough. Most assembly performers don’t take the time and effort to craft their show around Arizona’s Anchor Standards.

This is a big mistake most make.

Without referencing specific concepts, lessons, and messages around Arizona’s standards, the average reading school assembly program isn’t doing its job.

Unless the show includes those standards, an Arizona assembly show is kind of like donuts and waffles for breakfast. Good for a little while but lacks the content to get the job done!

My program “Superhero Reading” is loaded with Arizona Anchor Standards. Your kids will have key messages and concepts taught in the classroom reinforced during this show. And it’s a fun show. SO fun. 

You won’t believe how fun this assembly is. I use magic, interactive fun, music, and eye-popping props and backdrops to make this show a ‘feast for the eyes.’

Here’s something you need to know. In this special message, I’m talking a lot about reading. As a media specialist, I’m assuming that’s the topic that you’re most interested in.

But all of my school assemblies, not just the one on reading, have this same level of commitment to reinforcing Arizona’s educational standards. So if you’ve been tasked with finding an assembly on a topic besides reading, know that all of my programs were created to dovetail perfectly with what’s already being taught in the classroom. 

I believe in my programs so strongly that I’m not afraid to put my money where my mouth is. That’s why I offer an unconditional money-back guarantee.

If you don’t feel I delivered a fun, engaging assembly finely tuned to Arizona’s educational standards, you get the show for free.

That’s it – no weasel clauses or fine print.

Want more details? Contact me today and I’ll send you free, no-obligation information. And I’ll even include my special report for schools titled “9 Simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents, and Faculty.”

I look forward to visiting your school.

Graham Rogers