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Important Message for Arizona Elementary School Counselors…

Dear School Counselor,

 If you’re an elementary school counselor reading this special message, it means you may be considering Awesome Assemblies for your next school assembly in Arizona.

I mentioned “Arizona” specifically for a reason.

Many school assembly presenters in Arizona offer character education programs. I’ve seen them and they’re good. But many have one massive flaw.

They’re not based on Arizona’s educational standards.

You need assemblies that perfectly align with what your state is teaching. Kids already have plenty of information to absorb. But an assembly program that comes in with different messages than what Arizona’s standards specify runs the risk of confusing your kids.

And Social-Emotional Learning is incredibly important. Those in charge have finally realized what awesome school counselors in Arizona like you already know. A child’s emotional development is a key component of their success.

Key curriculum subjects are foundational for a person’s success. No one disputes that.

But addressing how a child acts around others in social environments plays a huge role in their ability to succeed later in life.

In short, they gotta know how to play nicely with others.

And the skills they learn with proper SEL education gives them the confidence they need to step into the real world and succeed, regardless of the path they take.

Back to your concerns about my programs. (Betcha thought I forgot!)

In myTake a Stand, Lend a HandSEL assembly program, I weave these important concepts and lessons throughout the program. But it’s not just dry, lecture stuff. Trust me, I’ve seen my share of boring assemblies.

You know what happens.

The performer drones on…and on…and on…

Pretty soon, your kiddos are too busy rolling around on the gym floor, doing somersaults, poking their friends, or who knows what to absorb the presenter’s message.

That’s not me. Not by a long shot.

My assemblies are fun. Really fun. As in laugh out loud fun. Your kids will be thrilled with the program, guaranteed.

And along the way, all of the magic, join-in fun, jokes, music, and interaction serves to illustrate the important SEL concepts in my program. And just to remind you, they are the same lessons and concepts the state of Arizona wants schools to teach.

I researched those standards and, with the help of my wonderful wife (she works in the Arizona school system), distilled these important components into bite-sized lessons that fit nicely into one compact 45-minute assembly that captivates students for the entire running time.

Oh, and you’re completely protected, too. Don’t feel like I delivered the goods? Don’t pay me.

No way I can be any fairer than that. 

Want more details? Contact me today and I’ll send you free, no-obligation information. And I’ll even include my special report for schools titled “9 Simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents, and Faculty.”

I look forward to visiting your school.

Graham Rogers