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New Zealand Native Moves to the United States and Dedicates Himself to Educating & Entertaining Children 


I’m Graham Rogers, a school assembly performer based in Arizona. As the headline says, I wasn’t born in this country. I grew up in New Zealand. Like many magicians, I started performing very young. I started my road to a full-time magic career at the tender age of 7.

A Family Performing History 

Like some performers, I grew up in a family of entertainers. But they weren’t magicians. My family was heavily involved in live musicals! Even at such an early age, I knew I wanted to be a performer. But alas, I cursed with, shall we say, a noted lack of singing talent. I was destined to take a different path to professional performing.

A Chance Meeting with a Family Friend 

Because my family was filled with entertainers, we associated with other performers. One of these family friends was a magician. Once this friend introduced me to magic, that was, as the saying goes, “all she wrote.” I was bitten by the magic bug and have never looked back.

Magic for Different Venues 

As I got older, I honed my magic skills. Over the years, I’ve performed in multiple countries across the globe. From large-scale illusion shows (think David Copperfield) to small, close-up magic (think David Blaine) I’ve done it all.

Back in the year 2000, while everyone else was worried about Y2K, I was planning the biggest move of my life. I permanently relocated from New Zealand to the United States. My main motivation at the time? To study magic under my mentor, Vince Carmen. As he was based in Las Vegas, that’s where I settled for many years.

School Assemblies with Curriculum-Based Content 

After having performed thousands of shows in different niches, school assemblies are by far my favorite. I love delivering powerful messages to young people. I want to do my part to help the younger generation build their lives into something they can be proud of.

Whether it’s inspiring kids to take an interest in science with my amazing STEM assembly program or sparking a desire to read more with my Read Across America assembly program, giving my magic meaning is what motivates me.

Life-Changing Messages 

Every trick I do, every joke I tell, and every volunteer I bring up on stage all happens because I want to deliver important messages to children. Messages and lessons that, if taken to heart, can truly be life-changing.

Devoting myself to magic has given me an amazing life. And if I can inspire other 7-year-old kids who are like I was all those years ago, I’ll feel like I’ve done what I set out to do.

Ready to Connect? 

I’d love to visit your school and have the opportunity to inspire your students! Visit my Contact Page to request more information. Or, if you prefer the personal touch, call me at (480) 319-7863. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers has a mom amazed on stage

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