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Looking For Arizona School Assemblies that Reinforce Your School’s Curriculum? 

Inspire Your Students with Hilarious & Interactive Science, Reading, and Character Education School Assemblies 

Do you know what is wrong with most Arizona school assemblies?

When most school assembly presenters put together a program, they only do surface-level research.

Maybe they look at a few positive character traits for a character education school assembly. Or they come up with a few science experiments for a STEM school assembly. Maybe a “why reading matters” message for a reading school assembly.

Your school time is too valuable. You can’t pull your students out of the classroom for an assembly program unless it perfectly line ups with Arizona’s curriculum.

I’m Graham Rogers and I can help.

I guarantee your Arizona school will get an assembly program that is fun and educational. And complements the state’s Reading Anchor Standards, Social-Emotional Learning Competencies, and Science Standards.

More on this in a moment…


You won’t BELIEVE what a recent school had to say....

An Arizona School Assembly Performer with Over 20 Years of Experience 

I moved from New Zealand to the United States 22 years ago. I’ve performed thousands of shows in schools, corporate events, and private parties.

Here’s what one school client had to say:

“On behalf of the Avondale Elementary School District, I wanted to reach out to you and share how thrilled we were with your science magic show during our summer programming. I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

  • Kellie Duguid, Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District, Avondale, AZ

 I’ve toured with large-scale illusion shows. I’ve performed in front of every kind of audience you can imagine.

Years ago, I left those other performing venues behind. I focused solely on school programs for grades K-5. Why? Simple. I get more joy from performing school assemblies than any other kind of show.

And because I emigrated to the United States as an adult, I am your school’s secret weapon for the most effective and relevant Arizona assembly topics.

Here’s why…

School Assemblies That Satisfy Arizona Standards 

After moving to the United States, I realized I was an outsider trying to fit in. I heavily researched Arizona’s Reading and Science Standards as well as SEL Competencies. I made sure my school assembly topics satisfied the state of Arizona’s curriculum.

My assembly programs won’t cause any confusion for your students. They will hear messages that resonate and reinforce what your school is already teaching.

Your students will love my assembly shows. They’ll leave the event fired up and excited. They’ll explore fun STEM experiments, different book genres, and positive character traits.

But my assemblies aren’t just dry lectures.

5 Ways My Arizona School Shows Captivate Your Students  

I guarantee your students will love my school assembly programs. Each assembly is fast-moving with plenty of opportunities to get kids on stage. Everyone attending my shows is captivated from beginning to end. (Yes, that includes your faculty!) 

Here are just some of the techniques I use to hold your students’ attention:

  • Colorful Set Design – I bring large, eye-catching, and professionally designed backdrops and banners. These grab your students’ attention as soon as they walk into the assembly area.
  • Incredible Magic & Experiments – I might offer state-of-the-art magic that’s kid-friendly and amazing. Or I might demonstrate a science experiment that looks like magic. You will see your students’ eyes widen, their mouths fall open in amazement, and hear their gasps.
  • Laughter & Fun – Everyone (students AND faculty) retains more information when they laugh! I hold your students’ attention with hilarious fun throughout the show.
  • Group & Stage Interaction – Your students get involved! I get the entire audience involved in the program. And I get several volunteers on stage to help make the magic happen. You may see a dozen students or more onstage!
  • Music & Sound Effects – My assembly programs involve as many of the senses as possible! Using music and silly sound effects is one more way your students are captivated during my shows. They won’t want to miss what’s coming next!

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s what another school administrator had to say:

“We had the best “last day of school” ever! This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to see him perform. Incredibly entertaining! The students were absolutely engaged and involved the entire time! He has an amazing gift of relating to the children and incorporating self-esteem and positive attitude “lessons” as well! The adults in the room were thoroughly entertained as well! I loved watching the faces of the children throughout the performance! In a world where SO MUCH of our daily life is consumed with technology and fewer opportunities to truly be creative and explore, Graham Rogers was a breath of fresh air!” 

  • Kristin Skiles, Teacher, Imagine East School



The Easiest School Assembly Program Your School Will Ever Host 

Let’s face it. You have a lot of responsibilities calling for your attention. You’re probably getting pulled in a dozen different directions every day. The last thing you need is to hire a school assembly presenter with a long list of demands.

When you choose me to reinforce your Arizona school’s curriculum, I’ll make it as easy as possible for you.

Here’s how:

  • PA System & Microphone – I provide my own sound system and mic. I don’t need to bother the A/V department when I visit your school. As long as the assembly area has an electrical outlet, I’m set.
  • Host the Assemblies Anywhere – I can perform my programs in your school’s MPR (multi-purpose room), gym, cafeteria, or auditorium. I’ve designed my assemblies to be extremely adaptable.
  • Easy In / Easy Out – I provide my own tables and carts and don’t need any help bringing my equipment into your school or out. Simply point me in the right direction and I take care of the rest!
  • Easy Payment Process – I know many Arizona schools work with purchase orders. If that’s your school don’t worry, I understand how the process works.
  • 100% Money-Back-Guarantee – If you don’t feel I delivered a highly educational and entertaining assembly that reinforced your school’s curriculum, then don’t pay me. But in 20 years, not a single client has ever asked for a refund. (Neither will you!)

Now it’s up to you.

I’ve explained how my programs are different from other school assembly performers.

I’ve shown how engaged your students will be. And I’ve shown how easy my programs are to host.

Your students and faculty will love my programs, guaranteed.

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s connect! You can contact me in several ways. The easiest is by filling out the contact form on this page. You’ll get detailed information about my assemblies delivered to your email inbox instantly. Just for responding you will also receive a copy of my FREE report, Five simple Ways to Manage Stress for Students, Parents and Faculty in Schools

Or you can call me at (480) 319-7863. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

But don’t delay. My Arizona school assemblies have the perfect blend of entertainment with educational content. Prime booking dates fill up fast. Contact me today, while you’re thinking about it.

Arizona school assembly performer Graham Rogers brings smiles and amazement to students with his awesome school assemblies

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I had the opportunity to watch a portion of the show and found your personality and content to be very engaging with the students and on-point with your alignment to our educational standards. It was wonderful to see your performance and the connections you made with our students.” 

Kellie Duguid

Assistant Superintendent, Avondale School District

Awesome Assemblies brought a unique interactive experience that engaged our students as well as our families. Participants were able to actively participate in the show that proved to be the highlight of the evening. We have many pictures of smiling, laughing faces who were genuinely loving the show! We are looking forward to having Awesome Assemblies for future events.

Angie Smith

Federal Programs Coordinator, Laveen School District

This assembly was so much fun. Our students were engaged and entertained through the whole thing and continued to talk all day about it. For us, it was a great tie-in event to kick off our Read-A-Thon to help our students be excited about reading, and it worked!

Janean Jump

Teacher, Saddleback Elementary

We were delighted to have Graham from Awesome Assemblies visit Barbara B. Robey Elementary. It was such a positive experience. Our students and staff thoroughly enjoyed his presentation, and it was wonderful to see so many smiles and hear so much laughter. Graham has a remarkable ability to connect with students and teachers alike, making a lasting impact on everyone he encounters. Thank you, Graham, once again for sharing your time and talents with us!

Amanda Acosta

Principal, Barbara B Robey Elementary

We loved having Graham visit our school with his SuperHero Reading Show to help us kickoff our Read-a-thon! His show was fun and engaging for all the students Preschool – Sixth Grade. His pricing is also great compared to other options in the valley. We look forward to inviting him back in the future!

Kjersten Dewey

PTSA President , Las Brisas Elementary

Our students LOVED this assembly and we cannot wait to bring it back for next year! Graham was great to work with. I will definitely be recommending him to other BASIS Schools.

Jessicah Avina

Operations Manager , BASIS Scottsdale PrImary-West

Graham connected with these young people immediately, he charmed them and wow’d them. I heard one of the third graders exclaim with her hands in the air, “How is this possible??”

Amy Schaumburg

School Improvement Specialist, Mesa School District

Well worth the money on many levels. Communication was great upfront, show was amazing, and overall experience with Graham was extremely pleasant. He came out on short notice and did a magic show intertwined with a state testing motivational speech with tips. Very well-done sir. I will have him back again. Kids loved the show!

Matthew C. Blair

School Counselor/Dean of Students, Academia Del Pueblo: K-8 School